Super Internet TV Premium Edition v8.1

Super Internet TV Premium Edition v8.1 Final | 16.99 MB
Super Internet TV allows you to watch 1800+ live television channels and listen to 5000+ online radio stations from 100+ countries. There is no need for a TV Tuner card because all the channels are streamed through your Internet connection. All you need is a Windows PC and an Internet connection. You can also record your favorite programs at will. Super Internet TV is ideal for people interested in alternative programming, learning languages, foreign cultures, entertainment, sports or news.

Watch 1800+ Internet TV
(see TV channel list)
Listen to 5000+ radio stations
(see radio channel list)
No special hardware required
Very Easy-to-Use Interface
No PC knowledge required
Recording Internet TV channels and radio stations
Resizable screen, including full-screen mode
Automatic channel list updates
Your own personal favorite list
Advance filtering
Faster video stream loading
More reliable connection
Technical support
Works anywhere in the world
The most significant Super Internet TV features are:
Various Channels: Channels include sports, entertainment, music, news, talk, radio and webcams from many different countries. There are even Television based on different languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Arabic. These channels are streamed over the Internet for free and do not require any subscription.
Simple and easy to use: Super Internet TV emulates the regular Television set on your PC. All you have to do is select a channel from the list and it will play in the main window. This application does not require any special configurations or settinngs in order to access all the channels. You can add selected channels to a Favorite list for faster access in the future.
No additional hardware required: It does not require a TV Tuner card, since these programs are broadcasted over the Internet.
Super Internet TV uses Windows Media Player's decoding system to present the television and radio signals. If you want to watch more channels which use RealVideo format, you also need RealPlayer installed. You don't have to care about the station's broadcasting format; it will switch automatically between formats. Super Internet TV works with any broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP) Worldwide.
Super Internet TV supports resizable screen sizes; you can change the screen window to any size that you want, including full-screen mode. This software comes with free automatic TV station updates so it will never be out of date. It also supports thousands of skins (visual styles) .

About the stations:
Just like a TV set, live Internet television depends on the origin and not on the software that displays the TV images. Some stations can be off line due to their servers' overload or Internet traffic jams. Not all stations have a 24 Hours schedule. The video quality is dependent on the broadcaster's own bandwidth; the higher the bandwidth, the better the video quality you will receive. For most TV and radio channels, a modem speed of 56Kb/s is required. For the broadband TV stations, you need 300 Kb/s.

System Requirements
- Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98, 98SE or Windows NT4.0
- IE 5.0 or later
- 2MB hard drive space for installation
- Internet connection
- The latest version of Windows Media Player Required!
Super Internet TV uses Windows Media Player's decoding system to present the television and radio signals. If you want to watch more channels which use RealVideo format, you also need RealPlayer installed. It's advisable that you install Microsoft Media Player and RealPlayer before installing Super Internet TV.



Avast Antivirus Pro 6, licensed 39 years

The program is fully operational for 39 years

integrated Technologies
Antivirus and anti-spyware
innovative scanning engine that protects you from viruses, spyware and other malicious agents.
Anti-rootkit protection in real time
prevents malware undetectable ("rootkits") which, when loaded by the computer's operating system, are invisible to conventional scanners.
silent Firewall
Stops hackers using heuristic and behavioral analysis and a whitelist of trusted applications.
Comprehensive spam and phishing filter, which works as a complement to MS Outlook, and a generic POP3/IMAP4 proxy for other email clients.
avast! WebRep
It provides reputation scores and reliability of websites based on comments provided by the community.
avast! CommunityIQ

Scans all web sites visited, all the downloaded files and java scripts. Thanks to the role of intelligent flow analysis, Web Shield will not slow your Internet browsing.
IM Shield P2P/Escudo
check files downloaded using P2P programs and programs while using instant messaging or "chat".
Red Shield
protects against network-based virus with two main components: a URL blocker to block harmful URLs, and a lightweight intrusion detection.
Script Shield
detects malicious scripts hidden in web pages and prevents assault or potentially causing damage to your computer.
Behavior Shield
Stop the latest threats and unknown malware before they have obtained the virus definitions.
Compatible with platforms 64-bit architecture of Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
Heuristics engine
proactively seeks malware undetectable virus definitions and signatures of normal.
Code emulator
It uses dynamic translation (a method much faster than traditional emulation) for generic unpacking and in the heuristics engine.
Automatic Processing
Infected files are processed automatically without the user instructions.
Virus definition updates smart
gradual upgrade minimizes the size of regular update files.
Rapid implementation of upgrades
the new format of virus definition file updates accelerates and reduces demand on CPU / memory, to provide a seamless experience.
Optimization of multi-analysis
Allows splitting large files between cores, feature that speeds the process of analysis in the new multi-core CPU and makes avast! work even faster.
Activation analysis / scheduled
Set the analysis to be performed at night or at any time that you do not need to use your computer.
Command Line Scanner
an analysis directly from the command line.

[B] Year: [/ b] 2011
[B] Language: [/ b] Multilanguage
[B] Size: [/ b] 176 MB
[B] Medicine [/ b] If

AVG Internet Security 2012 Business Edition 12.0.1831 Final x86/x64 - BRiNGiT | 343 M

AVGInternet Security 2012 - a set of programs to protect your PC fromdangerous objects and network threats. Program blocks viruses, trojans,worms, spyware, and firewall to protect against network attacks. If youare using AVG Internet Security 2011 you will not have to worry aboutidentity theft, spam or viruses. The program contains a built-inanti-virus module, firewall, detection system, and unsolicited e-mailapplications to steal confidential data.

The software packageallows you to pre-empt the introduction of all types of threats tocomputer equipment from the Internet. AVG Internet Security BusinessEdition protects against viruses, Trojans, spyware applications, veiledthreats and hacker attacks.
The software solution combines thetechnology to scan LinkScanner and system behavioral analysis. Providesthe function block dangerous web-resources at work on the Internet. AVGInternet Security Business Edition evaluates web-sites to view thecurrent time and warns the user about their degree of security. AVGInternet Security Business Edition scans downloaded files for virusesand provides a scan instant messages. Includes remote systemadministration.
Advantages of products AVG:
• The necessary level of protection
• Our specialists are always looking for new challenges, so we can quickly develop new ways of protection.
• AVG products protect more than 80 million PC users around the world.
• Easy to use security
• AVG products are easy to download, install and use, have minimal impact on system performance.
• Technology, the award-winning
• AVG security system certified by all major independent certification companies, such as the ICSA, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark (Lab West Coast Labs).
AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2012 includes the following modules:
• Anti-Virus - find and remove various viruses, Trojans, Internet worms.
• Anti-Spyware - Protecting your computer from installing spyware and other malicious programs.
• Anti-Rootkit - protection against hidden threats, spreading malicious content.
• Anti-Spam - E-mail filtering and deleting spam.
• Identity Protection - Protection against new and unknown threats.
• LinkScanner Active Surf-Shield - protection in real time from infected web pages during surfing the Internet.
• LinkScanner Search-Shield - a mapping of security assessments in real time for all the search results Google, Yahoo and MSN / Live.
• Web Protection & Firewall - a full-fledged firewall to protect your computer while it works on the web.
• ID Protection - now your passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data are protected from theft.
Key features:
• 100% virus detection. AVG Antivirus scan engine has received numerous awards for its excellent detection vredonostnogo package, including the VB100%. A unique combination of detection methods of AVG provides full protection against viruses, worms and Trojans.
100% protection against spyware (spyware). AVG is not only the search capabilities of spyware and keyloggers in the files and archive files, and search capabilities hidden keys in the registry.
• Detection "on the fly." AVG scanner monitors the calls to the file system and produces double-check files when accessing them, allowing you to build another layer of protection from the infected files.
• Postage protection. AVG scans all email traffic, and connects to the mail clients such as: MS Outlook, The bat!, Eudora, and other SMTP/POP3 mail clients such as Outlook Express. Also supported by checking SSL-traffic.
• Anti-spam and phishing filters. Each letter, entering a mailbox that is checked by means of signature databases are updated every minute.
• Monitoring network connections. With built-in firewall AVG scans all incoming and outgoing connection requests from the computer, prevent network attacks on computer and network activity for the Trojans.
• Powerful scheduling. AVG automatically provides a daily schedule for scanning and updating, and will give you the opportunity to create their own scheduled events.
• Supports 23 languages, including Russian.
Several improvements and features AVG 2012:
* Anti-rootkit: Improved detection of new rootkits Alureon.
* Antispam: IPv6 support in the anti-spam updates.
* Core: Improved heuristic detection.
* Core: optimized Check Registry Resident Shield.
* Core: Corrected an error while scanning the registry.
* Core: how to detect malicious programs have been optimized.
* Core: number of false positives is reduced.
* Firewall: Many fixes and ulchsheny
* Safe Search: Optimizing for frames
* General: Added support for exceptions to Anti-Rootkit.
INstall AVG Internet Security 2012 Business Edition
Choose the one that suits yout system...32 Bit or 64 Bit..
Run the setup..
When asked for key, use any of the Keys in the Keys AVG Internet Security Business Edition.txt file
Copy and Paste only one line of the key...
Continue Installation..
Once installation is complete, restart your system....Done...


Code: - BRiNGiT.part1.rar - BRiNGiT.part2.rar - BRiNGiT.part3.rar - BRiNGiT.part4.rar

BitDefender Total Security 2012 Build Final (x64)

BitDefender Total Security 2012 Build Final (x64) | 271 MB

BitDefender Total Security 2012 - Comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and other cyber threats that could lead to identity theft, data loss and decreased performance. BitDefender Total Security is the first among its competitors thanks to effective protection from spam and viruses, robust firewalling and the availability of tools to optimize and backup systems in one package.
BitDefender Total Security 2012 provides a special kind of quiet protection mode "autopilot": no pop-ups, no setup, does not interrupt your work at the computer.

Antivirus, spyware, phishing protection, a firewall - a firewall, integrated parental controls, security, social networks, remote control functions. Total Security also includes functions - file encryption, data backup, configure, and optimize the system.

The main components of BitDefender Total Security 2012

- Antivirus and antispyware
- Phishing
- SafeSearch
- Quick Scan
- Manage your home network
- Encrypting chats
- Protection in social networks
- Antsipam
- Firewall
- Parental Control
- Encrypt files
- Optimization
- Destruction of files
- Online Backup (2GB)

New in BitDefender Total Security 2012

- Autopilot
Autopilot mode provides optimal security without user intervention. That means - no pop-ups and alerts do not have to configure anything.

- Scan Manager
Scan Manager finds and uses the time intervals when the system utilization is below a certain threshold, for the repetitive inspections of your entire system. Thus, BitDefender does not interfere with user tasks and has no effect on system performance.

- Recovery mode
If the Internet-based threats such as rootkits, can not be removed as part of Windows, your computer downloads in a trusted environment recovery mode, which is used for cleaning and restoration.

- Integrated cloud services
Global data exchange in real time between servers and products BitDefender BitDefender 2012 ensures rapid detection of emerging Internet threats, such as viral epidemics and large flows of spam.

- File Synchronization
BitDefender Total Security 2012 offers space Safebox, which lets you synchronize files between your computers (eg between your desktop and laptop). Changes made in one system will automatically apply to other systems.

- Online Backup
Updated monitor online backup keeps track of your important files and instantly copy them to a secure remote server. BitDefender Total Security 2012 comes with 2GB of online storage.

- Safety on social networks
Realized the function of preventing online threats specific to social networks, by scanning the references received from friends from Facebook and Twitter, by monitoring the privacy settings and much more.

- Customizable Interface
Drag-and-drop modules that allow access to the most frequently performed activities directly from the main window.

- Simplified installation
BitDefender Total Security 2012 is installed with a few clicks, taking up half the time required for the previous version.

Install Application

After complete, use the key in the Key folder.


Portable Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 ver. - SWTZ

Portable Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 ver. - SWTZ
Size : 907.9 MB

Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 is the powerful, creative and easy way to take your video footage from shoot to showfast. Quickly load, organize and trim SD or HD video clips. Easily cut together your production from templates and get creative with amazing effects, music, titles, transitions and more. Explore new Stop Motion Animation and TimeLapse tools, then export to 3D! Share anywhereon iPhone and other mobile devices, disc, your favorite website or your TV.

Key Features:

Stepbystep videoediting – The tabbed 123 interface guides you as you make a movie
New! Flexible Workspace – Just drag to resize and position panels where you want them, even across two monitors
New! Stop Motion Animation – Have fun making animated movies starring people, toys or objects
New! TimeLapse Effect – Accelerate your footage to create unique timelapse effects.
New! Export in 3D – Turn your 2D video into a 3D movie
Amazing results, fast! – Save time, and edit and render faster with support for new highperformance hardware, including 2nd generation Intel Core and AMD processors
A complete videoediting toolset – Easily remove unwanted parts of your video with the MultiTrim tool, plus add brilliant creative effects
Easy HD – Easily import and edit video in HD, then share easily with new integrated burning tools

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP with latest service packs installed (32bit or 64bit editions)
Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz, AMD DualCore 2.0 GHz or higher recommended
1 GB RAM (2 GB or higher recommended)
128 MB VGA VRAM or higher (256 MB or higher recommended)
3 GB of free hard drive space
Minimum display resolution: 1024 x 768
Windowscompatible sound card
Windowscompatible DVDROM drive for installation
Recordable Bluray drive required for creating Bluray discs
Internet connection required for online features and tutorial videos

Download :


Producer Loops Commercial RnB Trance & Dance Vol 6 WAV REX

Producer Loops Commercial RnB Trance & Dance Vol 6 WAV REX | 687 MB

RnB: Trance & Dance Vol 6' concludes this huge hit-making series from Producer Loops bringing you FIVE awesome Construction Kits inspired by the hottest crossover styles in the charts today. With both commercial and underground appeal as well as a professional feature set this is a must-have sample library for any wanna-be Pop icon.
Combining the smoothest RnB progressions with the high energy club-shaking sounds found in Trance and Dance music 'Commercial RnB: Trance & Dance Vol 6' is a hugely versatile multi-format library that's set to fuel your next chart-smashing hit.

Of course with such an expertly crafted selection of raw and punchy basslines in-your-face synth leads pads build FX and more the appeal of this pack isn't limited to those looking for chart domination. Producers of more underground styles will find plenty of inspirational material suitable for virtually any kind of Electronic music.
With every kit consisting of both A & B sections this pack is about more than re-arranging loops. It's about building songs. So check out the MP3 demo to hear the cutting edge sounds on offer and read on to find out more about the complete feature set of this pack.
The "Commercial" Series:
This pack is part of our successful Commercial Series which focuses on delivering current chart-ready Construction Kits samples and loops designed to be combined with lead and backing vocal performances to create a new generation of smash hits.
A & B Sections:
You'll find two complete sections in each kit allowing you to create distinct verse and chorus sections or mix and match elements from each section to construct new variations.
MIDI Loops:
Like most other Producer Loops releases this pack features melodic and rhythmic MIDI loops allowing producers to use their favourite synth or sampler sounds with the phrases included. Unlike pre-rendered audio loops MIDI can be scaled to any tempo and played back at any pitch without glitching or artefacts.
Included with each kit are percussive one-shots allowing you to construct drum kits in your favourite sampler to create new beats patterns and fills to augment the included content.
Dry & Wet Versions:
Where possible dry and effected versions of loops are included allowing you to create your own FX mix if you wish. Of course you can still just drag and drop the wet versions to get the same FX mix as heard in the main demo mix above.
FX Tails Included:
As with most Producer Loops Construction Kits FX tails have been included where possible allowing you to end a phrase with the natural decay of the loops reverb or delay tail instead of having to resort to a fade or an abrupt stop.
Vocal Ready:
These kits have been specifically written and mixed to leave room for lead and backing vocals for a commercial radio-ready sound.
SSL Technology:
All individual parts and main mixes have been processed using state of the art outboard SSL technology delivering an extra polished mix and the highest quality sound possible.



Astro Loops Milli Status West Coast Edition WAV FL

Astro Loops Milli Status West Coast Edition WAV FL | 668MB

'Milli Status: West Coast Edition' from Astro Loops brings you 10 Construction Kits from the West Side. Influences for this product include XziBit, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and many more. Filled with piano chords, sound effects, and synth bass, this is a must-have product for Urban producers.
These 10 Construction Kits will give you more than enough West Coast sounds to edit, slice and chop to create your next West Coast banger!

All Sounds and Samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in commercial productions or even for DJ/Remix purposes.

These Construction Kits are supplied in 24-Bit WAV and FL Studio.

� All individual parts are provided
� 668.3 MB & Hit Folder
� Tempos are included
� All files provided as Royalty-Free
� Kits in the styles of XziBit, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and many more

� 24-Bit WAV
� FL Studio